Good4U Super Bites (Kids) - Packaging

Super Bites - healthy snacks for kids

The Brief
Good4U Super Bites is an innovative new range of nut free snacks made of seed & fruit - nothing else. There's no similar product in the market at the moment and the packaging has to be funny, child friendly and communicate the products' benefits.

To connect wit children the whole pack was converted into a landscape with the logo working as the "sun" with white clouds and blue sky. To represent the product itself in a "kids way" we created the "bites man" - who is himself a super-hero in the Super Bites world. On the back of the pack the "Bites man" invites children to visit his website and help with his new super-hero costume. This makes children want to connect more with product.

Super Bites can be found in the shelves of ASDA in the UK and Tesco in Ireland.

Good4U Super Bites WON Gold at the Lunch! Show in London
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